Wine & Vineyard Info


Bendooley Estate is a spectacular destination within the Southern Highlands, recognised as the best-preserved example of a Georgian village on mainland Australia. This winery features superb wines, cuisine, art and architecture – a fusion of medieval craftsmanship, glass, steel beams, century-old pine and locally-sourced stone. Their vines flourish in the Southern Highlands’ rich, red volcanic soil, high altitude, warm days and long, cool evenings.

Artemis Wines is a seventh generation, family-run winery situated in the Southern Highlands of NSW. They have a passion to produce wines of European complexity and structure with intense Australian varietal definition. The Artemis winemaker's philosophy draws on the Natural Elements by using a blend of old world and new world wine making techniques and viticulture. 
They're handcrafted from grapes grown on low yielding vines from the cool climates of the Southern Highlands, situated in NSW between Canberra and Sydney. It has a sub-temperate climate with mild summers and cool winters. The award winning Artemis Wines are enjoyed by a worldwide audience of wine lovers.

Cherry Tree Hill vineyard is located in Sutton Forest in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, one of Australia’s newest cool climate wine regions, producing award winning premium wines. Cherry Tree Hill has been family owned and run for over 30 years and producing grapes since 2003. Many of their wines have won medals at several shows including the prestigious Sydney Royal Wine Show and Sydney Boutique Wine Awards and abroad at the London International Wine Show and WSA Singapore Wine Challenge.



Bendooley Estate - NV Cuvee 750mL - Their first sparkling under the Bendooley Label is fruit driven both on the palate and aroma. A  soft and fruity wine which still finishes with a crisp natural finish. It’s an elegant bubbly worthy of raising your glass. Alcohol: 11.5%. Standard Drinks: 6.8.

Bendooley Estate - 2019 Pinot Gris 750mL - Zesty, refreshing and perfectly balanced. Aromas of pear and apple dominate with ripe stone fruit characters on the palate. Mellow and very easy to drink. Alcohol: 13.2%. Standard Drinks: 7.8.

Bendooley Estate - 2019 Shiraz 750mLTheir newest release Shiraz is a lovely medium-bodied wine with aromas of juicy red fruits and subtle black pepper. Plum flavours dominate the palate with lashes of pepper, oak, and spice to finish. Alcohol: 13.7%. Standard Drinks: 8.1.

Artemis Winery - 2019 Sauvignon Blanc 750mL - Fern-like & herbaceous on the nose, with notes of passionfruit & cut grass. Fresh, elegant and structured with fine acidity. Made in the same style Artemis have pursued for many years, the Artemis Sauvignon Blanc style is a real crowd pleaser. The 15% oak fermentation is just enough to not be too overpowering and take away from the cut-grass passionfruit punch that this wine delivers. Developing strong lychee characters but still holding onto acid and structure, to be enjoyed years from now. Alcohol: 11.8%. Standard Drinks: 7.

Artemis Winery - 2021 Sauvignon Blanc 750mL - Fern like & herbaceous on the nose, with notes of passionfruit & cut grass. Fresh, elegant and structured with fine acidity. Fumee Blanc – style. Alcohol: 12%. Standard Drinks: 7.1. (Available soon)

Artemis Winery - 2021 Close Vine 'Saignee' Rosé 750mL - 100% Estate Grown Close Vine Pinot Noir. Barrel fermented in new French oak. Ripe strawberries, stone fruit & vanilla. Nice residual sugar on the front palate, with a nice zippy tingly finish. 4 grams of residual sugar. Alcohol: 11%. Standard Drinks: 6.5. 

Saignée involves the removal (bleeding off or draining off) of a proportion of juice from a tank of crushed red grapes. This technique increases the amount of skins relative to juice in the tank and typically results in a concentration effect, producing richer wines with more colour and tannin. The juice that has been removed is kept and fermented separately and is often made into a rosé style wine. This information can be found on the Australian Wine Research Institute website, last accessed 02/09/2021

Artemis Winery - 2019 Pinot Grigio 750mLWatermelon, ripe pear on the nose with lime, peach and minerality. Alcohol: 12.5%. Standard Drinks 7.4.

Artemis Winery - 2019 Pinot Noir 750mLStrawberry, vanilla & cherry on the nose, caramel & spice on the palate, medium acidity and subtle oak. Alcohol: 13.5%. Standard Drinks: 8.

Cherry Tree Hill - 2018 Sparkling Wine 750mL - Crisp and fresh sparkling wine made from a later pick of Sauvignon Blanc in the style of a Prosecco. Alcohol: 12.5%. Standard Drinks: 7.4.

Cherry Tree Hill - 2021 Sparkling Wine 750mL - Crisp and fresh sparkling wine made from a later pick of Sauvignon Blanc in the style of a Prosecco. Alcohol: 13%. Standard Drinks: 7.7. (Available soon)

Cherry Tree Hill - 2018 Sauvignon Blanc 750mL - Fresh vibrant fruit balanced gracefully with natural acidity and a little touch of oak. Alcohol: 12.8%. Standard Drinks: 7.6.

Cherry Tree Hill - 2021 Sauvignon Blanc 750mL - This young, fresh Sauvignon Blanc has vibrant fruit balanced gracefully with natural acidity. Alcohol: 12.5%. Standard Drinks: 7.4. (Available soon)

Cherry Tree Hill - 2017 Cabernet Merlot 750mL - Devastating bushfires engulfed the Southern Highlands in Dec 2019, resulting in smoke taint readings rarely seen before. For the first time in Cherry Tree Hill's history, they have sourced wine from another vineyard. The fruit sourced to produce this rich, full, smooth Cabernet Merlot is from one of the finest vineyards in the Coonawarra. A seamless blend of soft Merlot with bold Cabernet. Alcohol: 13.5%. Standard Drinks: 8.

Cherry Tree Hill - 2019 Sauvignon Blanc 375mL - This fresh half bottle of Sauvignon Blanc is perfect for whilst getting ready for a night out or at a picnic! It has been made from grapes picked in 2 stages balancing citrus with abundant fruit to produce an individual wine. Alcohol: 12.5%. Standard Drinks: 3.7.

Cherry Tree Hill - 2018 Cabernet Merlot 375mL - This sumptuous Cabernet Merlot half bottle is perfect for whilst getting ready for a night out or at a picnic! This unqiue blend is a perfect combination of smooth merlot and bold Cabernet Sauvignon, producing a balanced approachable wine. 65% Merlot and 35% Cabernet. Alcohol: 13.6%. Standard Drinks: 4.