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If you’ve landed here…thank you for taking the time to find out more about what we do. We are a small family business who consider our customers to be an extension of our Mojo family. Our little team go above and beyond to make every experience seamlessly enjoyable from the moment you hit ‘Add to Cart’ to the moment that you’re sitting back enjoying your candle. For that very reason we love hearing your thoughts, stories and feedback. Its reviews like this that make us truly love what we do.

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Delightful Sensory Experience

Mojo Candle Co offers exceptional value for money with their candles. The beautiful, long-lasting scent fills the room, and I always receive compliments from guests whenever they are lit. These candles not only enhance the ambiance of my home but also provide a delightful sensory experience. Highly recommended!

Oh wow! Thanks so much for your effusive review, Lorraine! We love hearing feedback like this! So happy that you've had such great experience with Mojo candles and that guests compliment the scent throw! Love, love, love!!!! =)

Love the fragrance of this candle. Subtle but nice.

Thanks for your review, Janet! Happy burning!

Moroccan Spice.

Absolutely in love with this scent. Permeates through a large area. And lasts for many burn hours.
Have just visited the Transmutation recycling centre in Robe, SA where Mojo candles are on full display! Was thrilled to see them there!
Going back tomorrow to purchase another candle.

Oh, that's wonderful to hear, Sheryl! So glad you're so happy with our Moroccan Spice and that you have a stockist near you! =) Enjoy!


The most beautiful scent, fills the whole house and feels like I’m in the garden.

Thanks so much, Giulia! Really appreciate your feedback!

Moroccan Spice Soy Candle

Gave this as a gift and I've been told the scent is amazing. Cant beat that when a recipient is so happy with a gift.

Aww, that's lovely, Heidi! Thanks so much and we are so happy that your recipient was so happy with it!!! =) We love it!

Tobacco and Hay

I absolutely love this candle. It is one of my all time faves and only wish it was made in a bigger size

Hi Nicole, thanks so much for your review! Tobacco & Hay is fave of mine, too! I'm not sure if you've seen our Black Label Wine bottle range we released in recent weeks via newsletter and social media? They are actually the beer bottle candle scents in the wine size! You can view them here: https://www.mojocandleco.com.au/collections/black-label-wine-bottle-collection where you'll find Tobacco & Hay in the wine size! =)

Wild Basil and Cucumber soy wax

For myself and the people I buy this flavour for, it's hands down the best fragrance, clean and long lasting. With such a beautiful presentation, they make such lovely gifts. I Ordered online, it was so easy, great packaging, fast delivery, Mojo Team - you are Just the BEST.

Thanks so much, Heidi!!! Amazing feedback and so great to hear the Wild Basil & Cucumber scetn has been such a hit!!!!

Candle purchased as a gift.

I am unable to review this candle as I have purchased it for a gift. Will provide feedback when I hear.

Thanks Janette!

Amazing candle

My favourite scent in a candle to date ! Love it
I have stocked up

That's so wonderful, Elise! So glad you have found a favourite! Watermelon Lemonade is likely to also be a favourite if you love Violet & Frosted Berries. We have found it is rare for someone to fall in love with one but not the other! =)

Candle lover heaven

Stunning scent and thoughtfully designed. Highly recommended 👍

Love it, Sophie! Thanks so much for leaving feedback on our Oakmoss & Sage wine candle! Enjoy!

Favourite Candle

I saw these candles in a little boutique in Tasmania and decided to buy one for myself (Coconut and Lime).
I absolutely fell in love with it, I found out that they are made pretty close to where I live and was so happy!
The candle smells amazing, even just taking the lid off makes your house smell so nice.

Aww, thanks so much Beth! That's wonderful and so happy to hear it! Enjoy!!!

Fresh and beautiful

This is my all time favorite candle. This brand has an incredible burn time and just lasts. Unlike some candle brands you can actually smell the Mojo Brand, the fragrance gently lingers throughout my home and sometimes it reminds me of the smell of a fresh forest. It’s unlike any fragrance I have purchased and I am have bought many over the years.

Awww, thank you so much, Janet!!! We really appreciate such a lovely review!!! We're so happy that you're so happy!!!! =D Thanks again and have an awesome day!

Favourite Scent 🍎🍂

Mulled Apple Cider has to be my favourite Mojo candle fragrance release. Perfect for Autumn/Winter 🍂

This size is perfect for my bedroom but would love it in a bigger size for the lounge.

Thanks so much, Tellisha! So glad you are enjoying our Hillbilly Cider collaboration candle, Mulled Apple Cider! Happy burning! =D

Amazing diffuser

Great diffuser! Wonderful smell that lasts forever! Love the fact that it’s recycled beer bottle 🩵

Thanks for your feedback, Rona!!! Really appreciate it and so happy that the Tobacco & Hay diffuser is so satisfying!!! =D Enjoy!!!


Amazing scent!!

Aww, thanks Megan!!! So glad you love the French Pear! Enjoy!!! =D

Mojo Starter Bundle - 16 x Australiana Reclaimed Wine Bottle Candles

Thanks for the starry love again, Louise! Hope you and the salon had a fantastic Christmas!

Subtle and Christmassy

Great fragrance that fills the room.

Thanks, Sharon! Merry Christmas! =)

Gardenia - Spring Limited Edition - Reclaimed Wine Bottle Soy Wax Candle

Thanks for the starry love, Louise! Hope you and your hair salon have a very Merry Christmas!

Fresh & uplifting

Love, love Mojo candles.
This one is a special Christmas treat. 🎄
Thank you for creating such special, sustainable candles. These are my go-to gifts.

Awww, thanks, Natalie! We really appreciate your feedback!!! Hope you have a fantastic Christmas ahead with a little help from our Mountain Pine candle!!!

Coconut Lime candle

Love this candle. It has such a beautiful fragrance ❤️❤️❤️

Thanks, Susan! We love this version of Coconut & Lime so much, too! Sooo good! =) Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Lovely soft scent

Lovely soft scent and calming crackling noise due to the wood wick. I love these candles!

Thanks so much, Emma! So glad you love it. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Love these candles, the smell is beautiful

Thanks for your review, Rai! Happy Holidays!

r FRENCH PEAR - Reclaimed Wine Bottle Soy Wax Candle

This is my most favourite candle. It’s my home’s signature scent.

Hi Justine! Thanks so much for your review!!! That's wonderful to hear! Enjoy! =)

Totally Love This Product

Love Love Love this ... Fantastic value for money, I've had mine a year now and it STILL smells divine 🥰

Aaww, that's fantastic, Kate! So glad it's still going so great! =D
Thanks so much for your review!

I love this candles smells like a rainforest love love it

Thanks, Roxene! So happy that it exactly what you wanted!!!! Enjoy! =)