5 Ways to reuse your Ceramic Candle Vessels

June 08, 2022

5 Creative Reuse Ideas for Ceramic Candle Vessels

AUTHOR Joanne Shumack / CATEGORY Sustainanability/ PUBLISHED: 08-Jun-22

Finished with your candle and wondering what next?
Here are 5 ideas for your ceramic vessels to live their best second life!


Have you delved into the world of indoor plants yet?
Many of us have become self obsessed addicts but if you haven't yet embarked on greening your indoor space then this is the perfect way to start. Succulents are the absolute easiest to take care of and are the perfect size to pop in one of our ceramic vessels. They dont need loads of light and quite happily tolerate very little water....they are literally impossible to kill and given their size they are perfect to add to tight little spots like bathroom vanities, windowsills or bedside tables.

If you're not sure where to start or what kind to choose here's a little helping hand from Martha Stewart to find the perfect succulent for your ceramic vessel.

Pictured is the Bungalow Vessel - Shop the Bungalow Neroli & Ylang Ylang here

Whether it be pens, toothbrushes or makeup tools there's always a corner somewhere in the house that needs tidying or organising and what better way than with a one of a kind ceramic vessel. They're waterproof so can be washed regularly as needed and look so much better than a plastic cup or a glass. We use ours for toothbrushes and it makes me smile every morning when I see it.
Pictured is the Cabana - Shop the Cabana Wild Plum & Violet here 

Coffee Cup

Well for all our fellow coffee lovers out there, this one is a must and almost an incentive to purchase multiple so that you have a whole set!!
The small fits approximately 200ml & the large can take up to 400ml.

Perfect for home use or hand it over to your favourite barista at your local cafe and ditch disposable cups. Our ceramics are dishwasher & microwave safe making them super practical and oh so lovable. Morning coffees have never been so cosy!

Pictured is the Hacienda Vessel - Shop Hacienda Sweet Rose & Dewberry here


Tea Lovers

Ok, ok so we won't forget the Tea lovers....if you like it strong opt for the small cup....like it long and lasting, go for the large. Either way just remember not to pour boiling water straight into it if its been sitting in the cold. We would hate to crack your beautiful ceramic piece...buuuut if you do, head to Daisy Coopers site where she can give you some top tips on Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing ceramics. Otherwise, pour away and enjoy endless cups in your one of a kind ceramic piece.

Pictured is the Bungalow Vessel - Shop the Bungalow Neroli & Ylang Ylang here



Even just a few stems from the garden or a bunch of wildflowers from a walk can brighten up a table or kitchen bench. The simplest of things can sometimes be the most beautiful without spending a single cent. Display one on its own or 2 or 3 on a tray and create a unique arrangement that will make you smile everytime! Heres some DIY flower arranging inspo to get your creative juices flowing.

Pictured is the Maison Vessel - Shop the Maison Bitter Orange & Sweet Grapefruit here


Well this one is for all the candle lovers out there....if you're not ready to say goodbye to your candle then dont!! Send it back in the box you purchased it in or something similar and we'll refill it for you so you can start your Candle journey all over again! We can refill your vessel as many times you like so you'll never have to go without! Heres where you can arrange your next refill

To clean your Ceramic Vessel after your candle is finished we recommend filling it with boiling water to remove any left over wax and detach the metal wick tabs. Pour the water outside onto a grassy area or into a jar or drink container and discard to avoid blocking pipes. After all wax residue is removed and the metal wick tabs are detached wipe out with paper towel and handwash with hot soapy water.