Mojo Wine Vessel Types

Flat Bottoms vs. Cheeky Bottoms

The most unique thing about a Mojo wine bottle candle is that each one is hand-poured into a reclaimed wine vessel. As wine lovers would know, there are a variety of wine bottle types available. This means that every candle is completely different depending on the type of wine the vessel once held.
There are two main wine vessel types - ‘The Flat Bottom’ & ‘The Cheeky Bottom’ and a few important distinguishing characteristics that make them different in both appearance and the way that they burn. 
The biggest thing to note is the same 50+ hour burn time... just a different way of burning

Flat Bottoms

Flat Bottoms are easiest picked by their flat base or nearly flat base. They are generally much smaller in diameter then their cheeky brothers and sisters and have slightly thinner glass which is generally a lighter shade of green. These will burn all the way to the base (remembering of course that you should always stop burning 10mm from the base of any candle to prevent the base heating and potentially cracking)

Cheeky Bottoms

Cheeky Bottoms are easy to spot by the dome in their base called a 'punt' or a 'kickup' These are a bit cheeky because they don't allow the candle to burn all the way to the base but they're significantly larger in diameter and feature a beautiful thick, dark green glass. Vessels that have a particularly high dome are poured higher to accommodate this as they will only burn down till a centimetre from the top of the dome and leave some wax around the dome. Some customers have mentioned they popped them into the oven to warm and re-melt the remaining wax to keep the aroma going! Other enterprising customers have even poured the remaining wax into a wax / oil burner to really finish the rest off! 

All of our Cheeky Bottoms have a dust-cover inside explaining the two different vessel bases. This includes that there will be some wax remaining in the Cheeky vessels and that it will stop burning a few centimetres from the base but they will still have the same 50+ hour burn-time as their Flat Bottom siblings.


So, in the end... same, same but different!

Same 50+ hour burn time... just a different way of burning.

Happy Burning!


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