Mountain Pine - Christmas Edition - Reclaimed Wine Bottle Soy Wax Candles

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Scent Description - Mountain Pine - Christmas Edition

This Christmas, we have chosen our Mountain Pine fragrance offering a scent experience like no other. Fresh, crisp fir needle and herbal sage notes come together to create a rich and well rounded aroma, evoking a delightful fusion of rustic charm and holiday cheer, perfect for setting the ambiance during your festive gatherings or as a thoughtful gift for loved ones. 

Scent Notes

Top Notes: The top notes present a delightful combination of Fir Needle and Spearmint, setting the tone with the invigorating freshness of a brisk forest breeze.

Middle Notes: Sage Leaf and Rosewood infuse the heart of the fragrance with a harmonious blend of herbal sophistication and warm, woody undertones, reminiscent of a peaceful woodland retreat.

Base Notes: As the candle burns, the aromatic journey continues with Cedarwood and Amber, adding depth and a touch of cozy nostalgia, creating a soothing and comforting atmosphere.

Handcrafted in the picturesque Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia, and thoughtfully poured into reclaimed wine bottles, this candle is a testament to our commitment to sustainability and quality. With a 100% soy wax base, it ensures a clean, long-lasting burn.

Experience the essence of the holidays, the magic of the forest, and the spirit of Christmas with our Mountain Pine Limited Edition Christmas Candle, an unforgettable present that will no doubt warm hearts and homes.

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    Wholesale Information
    • Wine Candle R.R.P. = $49.90 each.
    • Wine Candle Wholesale price = $24.95 each.
    • Wine Candle 12-Pack (one scent) price = $23.45 each.
    • Wine Candle Mixed Starter Bundle price = $22.70 each.
    • Wine Candle Mixed Mega Bundle price = $22.45 each.
    • First time orders require a minimum of 2 purchased per scent.
    • We offer Testers to burn in store, at a further discounted rate, so that customers can see them in action. Our general guideline for Testers is that once you have filled your wholesale cart with $300 or more of stock, you can then add Testers of any of the scents you are ordering. These are available through each fragrance candles' page for $19.90.
    • This is a zero waste product which means it comes with no unnecessary packaging.
    • Mojo Wholesale orders are packed in recyclable cardboard cartons and padded with 100% cornstarch void fill which is compostable, biodegradable and disolvable in water. In some rare cases, we may use recycled bubble wrap – please let us know if you’d prefer to remain 100% plastic free.
    • Mojo Carbon Offsets all of our customer deliveries.
    Product Features
    • Made from Reclaimed Wine Bottles collected from the wineries and restaurants of the NSW Southern Highlands, as well as Canberra and Sydney, Australia.
    • 50+ hour burn time
    • All bottles are hand-cut, sanded and polished.
    • Hand-poured in small batches with 100% natural soy wax & beautifully-scented premium-grade fragrance oils in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia.
    • Mojo Candle Co candles are non-toxic and do not contain carcinogenics (such as formaldehyde), sulphates, phthalates or parabens. None of the ingredients are animal derived, therefore, they can be deemed as vegan friendly.
    • Sustainable Cork Topper to keep your candle dust free when not in use.
    • As they are reclaimed vessels, they may show signs of being pre-loved!
    • 100% Australian Made & Owned
    Product Specifications

    All of Mojo's wine bottle candles are now poured in Dome-Based Wine Bottle Vessels. Please see the Wine Vessels Explained in the next section.

    Cheeky Domed Base Wine Candle Specifications:

    • Gross Weight - 800-1000 grams depending on the vessel's weight and dome
    • Diameter - 7.7cm to 8.5cm depending on the vessel's glass thickness
    • Height (no cork topper) - 13cm
    • Height (with cork topper) - 15cm to 15.5cm depending on the vessel's glass thickness and shape of the vessel as to how far the cork sits down in the opening.
    • 50+ Hour Burn time
    Wine Vessel Types Explained

    Previously, we have offered two versions of our Wine Bottle candles - a Cheeky domed base and a Flat base, both of which have a 50+ hour burn time. 

    Currently, we only have Cheeky wine bottle candles with dome bases avbailable. They are easy to spot by the dome in their base called a 'punt' or 'kick-up'. These are a bit Cheeky because they don't allow the candle to burn all the way to the bottom with the wick base sitting on the dome. We are unable to attach the wick on the side of the dome due to the danger of the flame being too close to the glass. Cheekies will always have a few centimetres of wax left around the dome, but just remember the majority of this space is a hollow void underneath. These are most widely loved for their large diameter and feature a beautiful, thick green glass. This means we can use more types of wine bottles and re-direct them from landfill to have a second life as candle. Many of our custoemrs love to utilise the leftover wax from around the dome in their wax / melt burners.

    Our Mojo 'Flatties' or Flat based wine bottles (not currently available) had a flat base with a narrower diameter than Mojo's usual wider-look 'Cheeky' domed wine bottle vessels. Flatties tend to have thinner glass but will leave little to no wax left over. These were much more broken to breakage in transit though.

    So in addition to differing wick sizes and pour heights, the characteristics of both vessel types equal out so that all the vessels have a 50+ burn time! 

    Mojo customers and stockists will automatically recieve Cheeky Domed-based vessels,

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Julie Wallace

    The Mountain Pine candles are absolutely divine .

    Michelle Crain
    I’m dreaming of Christmas

    Fresh pine scent, memories of a white Christmas in the mountains. Love it!