What wax do you use in Mojo Candles?

Mojo Candles are made from 100% premium soy wax.

We use premium 100% natural Soy Wax, specifically formulated for container candles. It is composed of non-petroleum, renewable resources and derived from natural soybean oil. Our soy wax is:

    • Biodegradable
    • Free from pesticides and herbicides
    • Kosher Certified
    • Free from any Genetically Modified Materials
    • Not tested on any animals and is manufactured meeting FDA standards.

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What type of wicks are used in Mojo Candles?

Mojo Wine Bottle Candle wicks are made from 100% lead-free cotton. 

Mojo Beer Bottle Candles are made with a double-ply wood wick which create a pleasant, slight crackling sound.

Why does it look like there are water drops on top of my Mojo Candle?

Some candles can look like there are little drops of water on the surface. This is called “sweating” and can happen for two different reasons. 

One reason is that it may have a slightly higher concentration of fragrance oil than usual and is expressed through the surface to release it.This actually means that more scent is permeating the air for you before you even burn it!

Another reason is that the candle has been left in direct sunlight on a high temperature day or too close to a heat source, like a heater or any appliance that creates heat. 

This is similar to when a candle burns it begins by “sweating” before creating the wax pool which increases until the entire surface of the candle has melted to release the scent.

Why does the surface of my Mojo Candle look odd or discoloured?

Wax is a natural substance and can easily be affected by the fragrance added and also by the environment.

The ingredients of fragrance oils can change the creamy colour of the wax so that it creates a yellow discolouration, especially if the fragrance load ratio is high. 

Candles left in the sun can also be affected and partial areas of the surface can fade or discolour. 

Because we use 100% soy wax, you may also see some Frosting or Crystallising occur on the surface of your candle. These are the common terms for “polymorphism” and describe the white coating that can appear on soy candles. Frosting is a perfectly natural effect of using soy wax and is unique to vegetable waxes, especially soy. All soy waxes frost to some degree and it is a sign that you have purchased a 100% natural soy wax candle. 

None of these natural occurrences affect the burning of the candle so you can enjoy your candle’s ambience as you usually would.

Why does the side of my Mojo Candle look odd, like there is air inside?

Some candles that are made in transparent glass can look like there is an air or water bubble between the wax and the glass. This is just a visual effect from the wax pulling away from the glass a tiny fraction due to environmental factors during and after their creation which can be unavoidable at times. 

Glass adhesion does not affect the burning performance of your candle and is just an aesthetic issue that is the bane of chandlers who choose to use transparent glass for their candle vessels. Because at Mojo we choose to use recycled wine and beer bottles as our vessels, which are transparent, this is an effect we do our best to alleviate where possible.

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