Mojo Scent Cards & Clipboards

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Help your customers find their perfect scent!

These Mojo Scent cards for our Wine Collection make a beautiful addition to any Mojo Wine Candle display. Stockists loved our display at Life In Style so much that we decided to provide the clipboards here for your own displays!

Add the Scent Cards to cart with or without the clipboards depending on your display needs. Scent Cards are free on their own. The clipboards are $14.50 each or $145 for the complete 10, if you would like the extra special look of the fancy little clipboards! We don't make any profit on these - we sell them at cost price which is why they aren't discounted down 50% like all our other products.

At this stage, there are no Beer Scent Cards as the clipboards are wider than the beer candles which can make displays look gappy. We are working on a solution =)

Product Features
  • Made from Reclaimed Wine Bottles collected from the wineries and restaurants of the NSW Southern Highlands, as well as Canberra and Sydney, Australia.
  • Mojo Cheeky Dome Wine Bottle Vessel [Candle will only burn to the dome)
  • 50+ hour burn time
  • All bottles are hand-cut, sanded and polished.
  • Hand-poured in small batches with 100% natural soy wax & beautifully-scented premium-grade fragrance oils in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia.
  • Sustainable Cork Topper to keep your candle dust free when not in use.
  • 100% Australian Made & Owned
Product Specifications

Cheeky Domed Base Wine Candle Specifications:

  • Gross Weight - 700-900 grams depending on the vessel's weight and dome
  • Diameter - 7.7cm to 8.5cm depending on the vessel's glass thickness
  • Height (no cork topper) - 13cm
  • Height (with cork topper) - 15cm to 15.5cm depending on the vessel's glass thickness and shape of the vessel as to how far the cork sits down in the opening.
  • 50+ Hour Burn time

Flat Based Wine Candle Specifications

  • Gross Weight - Approx 600 grams - depending on vessel glass thickness 
  • Diameter - 7cm to 7.5cm
  • Height (no cork topper) - 13cm
  • Height (with cork topper) - 15cm to 15.7cm
  • Burn Time 50+ Hours
Vessel Types Explained

These candles are made from wine bottles we call our Mojo 'Cheekies'. Cheeky Bottoms are easy to spot by the dome in their base called a 'punt'. These are a bit Cheeky because they don't allow the candle to burn all the way to the bottom. Cheekies will always have a few centimetres of wax left around the dome, just remember the majority of this is hollow underneath. These are most widely loved for their large diameter and feature a beautiful, thick green glass.

We do have 'Flatties' which are wine vessel candles that have a flat base but have a smaller diameter. However, in addition to the wick size and pour height, the characteristics of both vessel types equal out so that all the vessels have a 50+ burn time. Our Mojo Flatties can be found in their collection here. To read more about our wine vessel candles, check them out here.

Customer Reviews

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Sergio Grigor
I love you candles and you costumes service is outstanding

I love this candles and the service branding and I didn’t realise you guys got such a good following makes much easy to sell it ..Accually I need to get the rest off the flavours .

Thanks, Sergio! That's so great to hear! Yes, just let us know when you need to restock and we can get it happening for you. Hope you guys are smashing it! =)