Mojo Candle Wick Trimmer Bundles

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These Mojo Candle Wick Trimmers are the perfect way to ensure your customer's Mojo Candles are kept in optimal condition for a more effective and even burn. And they are a great add-on sale to the candles!

A wick trimmer, perhaps the most important tool in a candle owner's arsenal, ensures that their candle has the most even and long-lasting burn life. This applies to both cotton and wood wick candles. Help your customer's keep their wicks short and ready to burn with these stunning wick trimmers minus the mess!

The Mixed Starter Bundle of 8 includes:

  • 2 x Silver Wick Trimmers
  • 2 x Matte Black Wick Trimmers
  • 2 x Gold Wick Trimmers
  • 2 x Rose Gold Wick Trimmers
  • A free wine vessel to display for first-time Mixed Starter Bundle purchases, if needed

The Top-up Bundles of 3 includes:

  • 3 x Wick Trimmers in the colour of your choice

Wick Trimmer Features:

  • A Mojo Candle Wick Trimmer measures 18cm from end to end

  • The handles together are 6cm in width

  • The handles are long so you can get down into the candle with ease.

  • The 2.2cm base cutting plates collect the excess blackened wick for easy removal. This also means it doesn't leave behind any debris to disturb or muddy the candle's surface whilst burning or make a charcoal mess on your hands or surrounding objects and surfaces!

How to use the Wick Trimmers: 

A wick should always be trimmed to about 3-5mm (after the important first burn and before each time re-lighting) to remove the mushroom head.

  1. Place the separated base cutting plates under the mushroom head, about 2-5mm above the wax and squeeze the handles together. 

  2. Collect the burnt wick tip on the base plates and discard into a bin, along with any other debris that may have fallen into the wax—these can present a fire hazard if they reignite.

Four reasons to use wick trimmers:

  1. The base plates of the wick trimmer efficiently cuts away a wick's "mushroom head", the frayed burnt tip, which happens during and after burning. Otherwise, if a mushroom head is not removed, it can create an uneven, large flame with a large amount of flickering and wax spitting. This means the cotton or wood wick candle also burns faster than it should, resulting in a shorter burn life. 

  2. The base cutting plates also help prevent the charcoal of the burnt wick from temporarily staining your hands, the candle surface and surroundings.

  3. The long, thin handles of the wick trimmer allow you to get down into a candle vessel to easily trim the wick carefully.

  4. Wood wick candles can get knots in the wood invisible to the naked eye which can sometimes cause issues when attempting to re-light. Wick Trimmers help to trim away the frayed burnt sections and get passed the knot in the wood, making it easy to re-light the wood wick.

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Absolute Favourite

Love love love, especially that they are from recycled wine bottles.

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