Cleaning your Ceramic Vessel

Want to refill or reuse your ceramic vessel?
Follow our cleaning guide below...

Sustainably Beautiful

Mojo's Ceramic Candle vessels are proudly made by by our favourite Ceramicist Daisy Cooper Ceramics in Melbourne, Australia.
And guess what!? They are made to be REUSED or REFILLED!
Whether it's to get a refill from us at Mojo Candle Co to continue enjoying it's beautiful fragrance, or to reuse as a tea / coffee mug, vase, pen holder, succulent planter or for just for knick knacks, the options are endless! However you choose to reuse it, its going to do so beautifully!

Once they have been thoroughly washed after their last burn and the wick's metal base removed, these vessels are Food Safe, Dishwasher Safe and Microwave Safe, too!

Cleaning Guide

  1. We recommend the first clean as a handwash - all wax should be removed before washing in the dishwasher.
  2. Fill your vessel with boiling water and a small amount of detergent and let sit for 5 minutes.
  3. The boiling water is needed to help lift and remove the two metal wick tabs in the base and melt any remaining wax in the base. If the metal tabs don't lift themselves, they may need a tiny bit of help with the tip of a utensil (like a bread and butter knife) Place the tip under one edge of the metal tab and lever upwards gently. It should now move easily.
  4. Remove the metal tabs and dispose of thoughtfully.
  5. It is best to empty the boiling water outside onto a grassy surface (to avoid sink blockages)
  6. Once wax residue has been removed handwashing with warm soapy water may need to be repeated to remove any last traces of wax or scent.
  7. Once it feels and smells clean, it can then be re-used!
  8. If you are re-using the vessel as a mug, you may wish to put it through a dishwasher cycle, now that the wax has been removed, to eliminate any remaining fragrance that may still be lingering.


Designed to be refilled to continue your fragrance journey.

If you loved your Ceramic Candle's fragrance and are considering getting your vessel refilled as a candle, check out our Ceramic Candle Refill Service.


Looking for reuse ideas....

If you love your Ceramic Vessel and want ideas on how to reuse it checkout our write up on Reuse ideas.


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