Seconds Sale

Welcome to our annual clearance sale!

Here you'll find items that haven't passed our strict quality control.
At Mojo, these are affectionately known as 'Rebels'. The ones that didn't make the cut because they were a little bit naughty and didn't want to conform. They may have chips, incorrect labelling, wax imperfections, incorrect heights, their corks might not be a great fit or they may have damaged labels. Amongst this, you'll also find end-of-season scents, custom products and samples all priced ridiculously cheap so that you can stock up for everyday burning and enjoy your Mojo faves as often as you like.

We suggest that these are great for everyday burning but politely request that you refrain from gifting them as this is a direct reflection of our brand. For gifting, we suggest purchasing showroom-quality products so that your friends and family can enjoy the quality that we are renowned for :)