Chocolate Info

Mojo's Chocolate Gift Boxes are the perfect little gift with luscious chocolates, sourced to match Mojo's sustainability ethos. 

Jasper & Myrtle Chocolates is a multi-national and -international award winning small chocolate maker based in Canberra, Australia. All of Jasper & Myrtle’s chocolates are lovingly handmade from cacao beans imported from Papua New Guinea. The beans are ethically sourced, with the chocolatiers visiting PNG every year, as the sustainability and traceability of the cocoa beans and ingredients they use in their chocolate are core values of their business. 

The cocoa beans are roasted to perfection, blended with exquisite flavours to create delicious and distinctive bars. Like fine wine, each batch is different. They match the best natural ingredients with the most suitable beans to produce truly unique chocolate. They do not use artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. 

Since launching their small chocolate company in 2016, they are proud to have won a total of 19 medals. Thirteen of these are in prestigious international competitions like the Academy of Chocolate in London and the International Chocolate Awards in the Asia-Pacific Division (judged in the USA) and six from nationally recognised shows (Australian Food Awards and Sydney Royal Show).

For your gift boxes, select your chocolate preference from:

Classic Milk Chocolate is an internationally silver award winning darker milk chocolate with strong flavour balanced by creamy and silky texture. Caramel notes come through from the Muscovado sugar, this chocolate is made for those who love the classics.
Espresso Dark Chocolate, having won silver internationally, gives a good hit of Canberra artisan roasted coffee beans, which makes this a perfect after dinner chocolate.
Himalayan Rock Salt & Wakame Dark Chocolate is a two times international award winning unique chocolate, with complex layers of flavours, described by competition judges as having “a nice combination of sweet sour vanilla and umami”.
Blueberry Dark Chocolate a fresh and tangy combination of smooth dark chocolate and Australian berries.
Macadamia & Lemon Myrtle Milk Chocolate is a truly Australian treat which combines the Queensland nut and native lemon myrtle resulting in a subtle, silky and fragrant chocolate. This is an indulgent combination of classic Australian flavours winning nationally and internationally.
Black & White Sesame in Milk Chocolate is delicate yet nutty with the sesame seeds adding a new dimension to the creamy milk chocolate, in texture, crunch and a distinctive sesame flavour. “Open Sesame” for a truly memorable experience.
Wattle Milk Chocolate is a unique bar of premium milk chocolate that perfectly showcases the amazingly rich flavour of our national flower, the wattle. The sophisticated and long lasting flavour will delight your taste buds and warm your heart.

One of these amazing chocolates can be selected as apart of Mojo's Chocolate Box and Chocolate Box - Mini, alongside a Mojo candle or two!

Please note: some chocolates may contain traces of nuts, tree nuts, milk and sesame.