Our favourite Upcycle projects for your Wine bottle Candle Vessels

September 05, 2022

The Best Upcycle Ideas for your
Wine Bottle Candle Vessels

AUTHOR: Morgan Brownlee / CATEGORY Sustainanability/ PUBLISHED: 05-Sep-22

Wine Bottle.


Then What?

We've bought together our favourite Upcycle ideas so that you can breathe new life into your Wine Bottle Candle Vessels, letting them live their best next life with a totally new purpose!

Here at Mojo we’re trying to make a difference for a more sustainable future.

Last year alone, we saved over 60,000 glass bottles from landfill! If you've finished burning your Mojo Wine Bottle Candle and are thinking...what am I supposed to do with it now? Then don't worry, we've got you covered. Below we’ve added some tips and cool projects for how to reuse your Wine bottle vessel and give it a fun, new use.

If you have any creative projects where you have reused your wine bottle vessel, we’d love for you to share them with us!

Wine Bottle Planter

This one’s for all our fellow plant lovers,
Try reusing your wine vessel as a new planter pot. The cutest way to upcycle and you’ll be sure to get some compliments on this cool project.

We like to use ours for Succulents perfect for a side table or bathroom or start your own little window sill herb garden for quick access to all your faves while cooking.

Desk Organiser

Desk looking a little messy?

Using your wine vessel as a storage jar organiser on your desk could be the solution. The perfect size to not take up too much space but hold everything you need to stash away in a cleanup rush.

We use them here at the warehouse and they’re literally the perfect size for anything!

Pictured here is an artspace making brush organisation super easy.

They’re also the perfect Knick-knack storage jar. Keep your cork and use it as the lid to hide all the small stuff that just never seems to have a home!



This one’s an easy one, give it a good clean first then it’s ready for your beautiful blooms.
I used mine for the flowers I grew in my garden, a lovely way to find joy in the simple things and best of all it costs nothing!

Pantry Storage

Take them along to your bulk food shop and fill them with goodies or get rid of the horrible supermarket packaging and store your Tea, coffee, nuts, dried fruit, special sweet treats or anything you need quick handy access for.

Step it up again and get your hands on some fancy pantry labels that will take your kitchen organsiation to new heights. We've tracked down these two stores for all the label love you could ever need...

The Pretty Store

Pretty Little Designs

Drinking Glasses

One of our favourite Candle Vessel Upcycles is using them as drinking glasses.

We love the varying glass colours, thicknesses and different sizes. If yours has any sharp edges you can fix this by sanding with a fine grit sandpaper for an extra smooth finish.

We always get loads of compliments on our Upcycled Glassware.

Cleaning your used candle

We have 2 different vessel sizes here at Mojo, our Flat bottoms and our Cheeky bottoms.

Our Flat Bottoms are easiest picked by their flat base. They leave much less wax in the bottom once you have finished burning them. We recommend these for those who what less wastage.

Our Cheeky Bottoms are spot by the dome in their base called a 'punt' or a 'kickup' These are a bit cheeky because they don't allow the candle to burn all the way to the base but they're significantly larger in diameter. These ones are our favourite to reuse for their thick, beautiful green glass and their larger size.

Removing your left over wax

This one may be easier than you think!

Once you have reached the end of your candle, you may be a little disappointed by the amount of wax that is left over (more likely in our cheeky bottoms due to the ‘punt’). But, this isn’t the end!

All you need is some hot kettle water and a sturdy bench.

IMPORTANT: Do Not place the candle into microwave to melt wax. Wick bases are metal and should never be placed into a microwave.

Note: make sure your glass vessel isn’t too cold, the hot water could make it shatter. It should be at least at room temperature.

Pour the water into the vessel and watch the magic happen. The water will melt the wax making it rise to the surface.

Leave for at least 30 minutes to allow water to cool, then pop out your wax disk.

If you have a wax warmer at home, you’ve just made your very own wax melt! Alternatively you can place them into a paper bag and sit them inside the wardrobes or draws as a diy air freshener.

Now for the Vessel

Over time our Kraft labels will fade if out in the weather. To remove them just use some hot water and dish soap or Citrus based adhesive remover like Orange Power and you’ll be left with a beautiful green vessel to do with as your mind imagines.

Happy Upcycling!