Mojo's year in Review - 2021

February 01, 2022

Mojo Candle Co
Year in Review


2021 might have been another rollercoaster ride we could have lived without but boy did we manage to tick some boxes along the way!

2021 well, what can we say….parts of it were spent home schooling (if you can call it that with a 3 yr old and a 5 yr old) there was a whole 2 weeks (mid-xmas rush) when almost our whole team needed to go into isolation leaving a handful of us of us to keep the wheels turning (Im talking 12+ hour days and middle of the night visits to finish production in time for dispatch the next day!) There were raw material shortages, courier delays (seriously, don't even get us started on the courier delays!!) all of our bottle suppliers went into lock down so there were ZERO bottles available for collection and sanitiser, masks, QR codes and zoom calls became the norm....BUT we battled our way through and kicked some amazing goals along the way that we are super proud of. Despite all of these obstacles we still managed to...

• Take on another warehouse dedicated soley to Glass Bottle Recycling.
• We launched our new Limited Edition Garden Party
• We collaborated with the Museum of Contemporary Art and Artist Lindy Lee to create Starlight Ember for Lindy Lees Moon in a Dew Drop Exhibition
• We embarked on our first brand collab with Pig & Pilgrim
• We launched a whole new reusable collection with renowned Australian Ceramicist 'Daisy Cooper'
• We cast our net far & wide and saved thousands of bottles from Wineries around Australia and as a result made some amazing new connections.
• We expanded on our amazing Giftbox collection to include other great local produce helping to support other small Australian businesses.
• We created a brand new Xmas Scent called 'Mistletoe & Ivy'
• And, the most incredible achievement of them all is.....that we still saved over 60,000 bottles from landfill 🍾
Many of you may assume that the bottles we collect would would have been recycled anyway however the ugly truth in Australia is that much of our Glass Waste ends up in the normal waste stream so when you think the bottles you're putting in to your recycling bin are being recycled they are often ending up in landfill. Why? Because its cheaper in Australia to buy new glass than it is to recycle it.
Its this very fact that makes us so proud to make such a positive contribution to both our local community and our environment all whilst creating jobs and keeping a small Australian manufacturing business going 💪

We opened a second warehouse 🎉 that is purely dedicated to bottle collection and production!
We now house over 20,000 bottles at any time and process a minimum of 1200 per week

We released our newest Limited Edition 'Garden Party' and it was so well received we still have customers requesting it 💚

MCA Collaboration
We worked with MCA & Artist Lindy Lee to develop a signature scent for Lindy Lees Moon in a dew drop exhibition.

Available exclusively from the Museum of Contemporary Art.

We launched our first refillable/reusable collection with ceramicist Daisy Cooper creating a beautiful, 100% locally made candle that can be repurposed or refilled at the end of its life.

Mistletoe & Ivy
We released this beautiful festive Christmas scent and sold out in record time! The feedback was absolutely wonderful - it made for the perfect way to end the year.

Over 60,000 Bottles saved from landfill in 2021!!!

We want to thank all of our new Bottle partners that we've connected with throughout the year. Covid forced us out of our normal collection areas but in the process enabled us to connect with so many amazing cellar doors and breweries around the country and allowing us to collect over 60,000 bottles this year.

Big thanks to Poachers Pantry, Petersons Hunter Valley, Hillbilly Cider, Charles Sturt University, Dawning Day Winery & the many others who we connected with this year for bottle dontations.

Pig & Pilgrim
We launched our first brand collaboration called CAMPFIRE that has now become a permanent part of the collection based on such high demand.

Taking time out to reflect on 2021

We always take time out at the end of each year to review what we did well, what we could improve on, how we tracked against our goals and what we had set out to achieve for the year and to plan a bigger and better following year.

This year we sat down at Bendooley Estate one of our amazing bottle partners and fave places for a drink, dinner or a quick coffee meeting.

This year we reached over 250+ stockists!

We are ever so grateful for such incredible support from our stockists and customers for have helped us along our journey. We can't wait to show you whats in store for 2022!