OAKMOSS & SAGE - Reclaimed Wine Bottle Soy Wax Candle

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The newest kid on the block to the Wine collection!

Scent Description - Oakmoss & Sage

This new lovingly-picked scent is definitely going to be a favourite and must-have for many candle-lovers!

Oakmoss & Sage has a strong, earthy fragrance with musk and woody base notes combined with amber & sandalwood. The earthiness is balanced with refreshing middle notes of oakmoss & lavender and beautiful top notes of orange & grapefruit.

The perfect blend to fill your home whilst you relax and enjoy!


  • Made from Reclaimed Wine Bottles collected from the wineries and restaurants of the NSW Southern Highlands, as well as Canberra and Sydney, Australia.
  • Mojo Cheeky Dome Wine Bottle Vessel
  • 50+ hour burn time
  • All bottles are hand-cut, sanded and polished.
  • Hand-poured in small batches with 100% natural soy wax & beautifully-scented premium-grade fragrance oils in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia.
  • Sustainably-sourced cork topper to keep your candle dust free when not in use (not to put the candle out!).
  • Gross Weight - 700-900 grams depending on the vessel's weight and dome
  • Diameter - 7.7cm to 8.5cm depending on the vessel's glass thickness
  • Height (no cork topper) - 13cm
  • Height (with cork topper) - 15cm to 15.5cm depending on the vessel's glass thickness and shape of the vessel as to how far the cork sits down in the opening.




    Things to note: These candles are made from wine bottles we call our Mojo 'Cheekies'. Cheeky Bottoms are easy to spot by the dome in their base called a 'punt'. These are a bit Cheeky because they don't allow the candle to burn all the way to the bottom. Cheekies will always have a few centimetres of wax left around the dome, just remember the majority of this is hollow underneath. These are most widely loved for their large diameter and feature a beautiful, thick green glass.

    We do have 'Flatties' which are wine vessel candles that have a flat base but have a smaller diameter. However, in addition to the wick size and pour height, the characteristics of both vessel types equal out so that all the vessels have a 50+ burn time. Our Mojo Flatties can be found in their collection here. To read more about our wine vessel candles, check them out here.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    William Robertson

    Lovely fragrance in a repurposed bottle. What's not to love?


    Love this scent! Such a great combination and earthy

    Melanie Liversidge
    Mojo Candles - love everything about them.

    I love these candles! Had three of them burning all day yesterday not only did they smell amazing but I was surprised when I came to blow them out how little wax had burned away. Love everything about these candies.

    Cassie Jane
    Love the smell of this candle

    Love, love, love this candle. The reclaimed wine bottle looks gorgeous and I love the fact that it's recycled. The scent is amazingly good and makes the whole house smell devine.

    Suzanne Ivory
    The greatest

    I will never buy another candle again the quality and value for money is outstanding they burn so beautifully and for so long just received my second order and completely delighted ♥️

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